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JED Financial Solutions is a nationwide brokerage with years of experience in the credit industry that helps blacklisted (people with bad credit record) as well as non-blacklisted people to obtain debt consolidation loans, blacklisted loans, term loans, payday urgent loans, personal loans, and instant short term loans. PERSONAL LOANS UP TO R500.000.00. We apply for you at our panel of lenders that are all registered with the NCR and we aim to find the right loan and the most competitive interest rate for you. We assist people who are “Under Administration, Debt Review or any other form of Debt Assessments”.


We solicit a personal loan on your behalf for a fee of between 5% and 15% on the loan amount approved and this is paid by you only once the loan
we acquired for you has been paid to your account, not in advance. You are not liable to any charges if your loan is not paid out or declined.

We also help blacklisted clients with consolidation loans without placing them under administration or debt review.

We simply arrange one big loan for you so that you can pay all other debts and remain with one low installment.

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